Stakeholder and Partnership Invitations

Inaugural Annual Bill Rowan Three Bridges Ultra Marathon

The Koster Marathon Club in partnership with Kgetlengriver Local Municipality and the people begins the journey of the presentation of the story of one of their own outstanding athletic legend Bill Rowan through hosting the Inaugural Annual Bill Rowan Three Bridges Ultra Marathon 50km road running race.
Through the introduction of this 2024 Annual Marathon Project to the athletics community worldwide, Koster Marathon Club is also excited to join the national discourse or conversation on health and we!lness while also offering a 10km race (Fun Run and walk) and 5km race (Fun Run and walk) among a wide range of amazing products.

It is for this reason that we now embark on a vigorous process to invite interested stakeholders and sponsorships, especially if u have the audacity to believe that you can achieve what you want, no matter the circumstances, then we are more than ready to form strategic, sustainable and prosperous partnerships for the future.

So this is a completely new road running race on the calendar of Athletics South Africa, the very first in die Platte land, the second Ultra Marathon after the highly established and hundred (100) years old Om Die Dam in Hartebeespoort Dam, North West Province.
In fact we are looking for tittle corporate sponsorship, technical sponsorship and other strategic corporate sponsorships and partners to ensure the successful implementation of the aforesaid envisaged Inaugural Annual 2024 Marathon Project.

The hosting of the Annual Event will certainly create an opportunity and platform for corporate exposure and return on investment in the form of SMART and BIG TIME branding, advertising and marketing as in line with brand purpose and strategic business objectives at all strategic points on the race route from starting line in Derby (Bridge One) via Koster (Bridge Two) all the way through the Halfway Mark to Swartruggens (Bridge Three), then onto R509 and N4 Toll Road T-Junction and to the finishing line at Swartruggens Combined School Sports Ground.

In keeping with the letter of our mission and vision statements, and for what it takes, now and into the distant future the organizers prefers to see full live broadcast coverage on our main stream television sports channels, both public and independent private radio stations, local publications and any other available and interested social media and digital platforms in order to reach viewers, audience and readership across the entire landscape of South Africa, Africa and the whole World. Go with the partner of choice in sports development. GO BIG because we are going BIG. VERY BIG … And we mean it…

Be the first to come and join us in the journey of the much and long awaited Annual Celebrations of our rich heritage landscape, tourism, cultural history, infrastructure, agriculture, small and developing economy and humility of the sports loving people of Kgetlengriver Local Municipality.

As part of its strategic objectives Kgetlengriver Local Municipality, as a local public institution, in partnership with private sector entities is geared to fostering and promoting between different local communities the highly sort after social cohesion, nation building, moral regeneration, capacity building and most importantly everlasting legacy.

Trophies and medals will also be given to all the runners finishing the marathons. We also want to give incentives to various categories of top performers from professional runners and social runners.